Canada Business Visa: Immigrate To Canada Through Startup Visa



Canada Business Visa: Immigrate To Canada Through Startup Visa

How to Apply for Canada Business Visa

The Canada Startup Visa Program is especially aimed at immigrants who possess entrepreneurial skills and who wish to permanently establish businesses in Canada.

Requirements to apply for the Canadian start visa

Foreigners who wish to apply for a Canadian visa should go to the Canadian Appointment Request Center (VAC) closest to their country of origin and submit the following:

Documents showing that you have a qualifying business that you can establish in Canada.
Letter of support from a designated organization in Canada.
Proof of language ability.
Copies of account or savings statements covering the period of your stay in Canada.
Generic Application Form for Canada ( IMM 0008 ).
Photocopies of the biographical pages of the passport and/or travel documents of you, your spouse, and your dependent.
Photocopies of your birth certificate.
Photocopy of your visa in case you reside in a country other than the native one.
Valid study certificates.
Medical exams issued by an association recognized by the Canadian Consulate.
University degrees obtained in your professional career (if applicable).
Documentation that demonstrates your experience in business management and investment.
proof of funds.
A letter detailing your purpose of travel.
Photocopy of police certificates or criminal records issued by your country of residence.
2 passport photographs. Photos must be taken within six (6) months prior to application submission.
Marriage certificate (if applicable).
Have no criminal record
Pay the application processing fees for the business start-up visa.

Obligations of the immigrant

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State your purpose of the trip and explain in detail the most important aspects of the activities you will carry out within Canada.
Provide valid and accurate immigration information to Canadian Border Services Officials.
Prove to the immigration officer that you have strong ties to your country of residence: work, family, residence, etc.
Provide all immigration documentation required to determine your admissibility.
Please use the primary inspection kiosks inside Canadian airports to verify your identity.
Respect Canadian laws and culture.
You must not have any type of criminal record or criminal record.
Indicate that you have a solid financial condition to stay in Canada and eventually return to your place of residence.
Be in a good physical and mental condition to be admitted to Canada
Master at least one of the official languages ​​of Canada.
Read carefully the Instructions Guide to applying for the visitor visa
Have at hand all the necessary information about your identity and personal and family data.
All the documents to be consigned must be valid and current when they are presented to the relevant authorities.
Have flight itinerary: flight reservations, airline name, tickets, dates, etc.
The documentation can be in Spanish, English, and French. If it is in another language, you must submit a certified translation.
The Appointment Request Center (VAC) will not accept photocopied documents, damaged or altered in any way, so take the corresponding precautions.
Present the original documents.
The documents must in no way be altered.

Steps to get Canada to start the visa

Applicants are advised to visit the Official Page of the Government of Canada,

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to determine eligibility.
Obtain the necessary documents to make your application for a start visa, selecting the country of origin.
Confirm if your biometrics will be required.
Download the application forms:
Document Checklist (IMM 5760)
Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008)
Additional dependents / Declaration (IMM 0008DEP)
Annex A – Background / Statement (IMM 5669)
Program 13: Business Immigration Programs – Start-Up Business Class (IMM 0008- Program 13)
Additional Family Information (IMM 5406)
Common-Law Union Statutory Statement (IMM 5409)
Declaration of Separation for Minors Traveling to Canada (IMM 5604)
Additional information: your trips (IMM 5562)
Use of a representative (IMM 5476)

Canada Sartup Visa Online application

You will only be able to access the online immigration and citizenship services if you have a secure user account. To create it, the applicant will need to register with a GCKey.

With this account you will be able to initiate, send, receive and pay your application, in addition to checking the status of your application and updating your information. The steps to create and register online are as follows:

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