Canada Business Visa



Canada Business Visa

If you plan to visit Canada for business , you will need to understand what a business visitor is, what permits the business visitor has, as well as what to do to enter Canada.

This article will discuss the fundamental aspects of traveling to Canadian for business, read carefully.

What is a business visitor?

A business visitor is considered to be an individual who:

Is going to engage in international business activities without being part of the Canadian labor market, that is, without working in Canada .
You are temporarily visiting Canada to find ways to grow your business, invest, or advance your business relationships with other companies or individuals.
Business visitors are generally in Canada for a few days or a few weeks, however they can stay in the country for up to 6 months .

How to prove you are a business visitor

To be considered a business visitor to Canada, the foreign national must demonstrate that:

Your travel and stay plans do not exceed 6 months in Canada (for example, a return ticket by plane).
You do not intend to enter the Canadian job market. That is, you will not work in the country .
Your main place of business , as well as greatest source of income and profits, is outside of Canada .
You have documents that support or give value to your travel permit (for example, a company or businessman invitation).
You meet the basic Canadian entry requirements: have a valid travel document (passport), have enough money to cover your stay and to return home, plan to leave Canada at the end of your visit, not be a criminal risk, safety or health for Canadians.

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Important note: If you plan to stay for more than 6 months or plan to work in Canada, you could be considered a temporary worker. In that case, you must apply for a work permit if you do not want to have immigration problems.

Types of activities allowed for business visitors

The following activities that can be carried out as a business visitor:

Buying Canadian goods or services for a foreign company or government.
The receipt of orders for goods or services.
Go to meetings , congresses , conventions or fairs .
Give after-sales service , that is, advise.
Receive training related your job/business from a Canadian parent company.
Training of employees of a Canadian branch belonging to a foreign company.
Be trained by a Canadian company that has sold you equipment or services.

Important : Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, a Mexican citizen can also participate in other activities, such as research, marketing, and general services.

What you need to enter Canada for business

If you are a business visitor with Mexican nationality , you will need a tourist visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) to enter Canada . You may also need to provide your fingerprints and a photograph ( biometrics ) if you apply for a tourist visa.

However, if you opt for the quickest and most convenient option, eTA travel authorization, you will simply need to fill out a simple online eTA form with your personal details. Once your application is correctly completed and submitted, you will receive, in a very short time (sometimes minutes), the answer as to whether or not the eTA is granted.

Documentation required to travel to Canada for business

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Make sure you have the following documents when you arrive at the Canadian border (do not keep them in your suitcase):

A valid passport or travel document for your entire stay in Canada.
A valid visitor visa, if applicable.
If you need an eTA for business, you must travel with the same passport that you used for your application.
Letters of support from your parent company and an invitation letter from the host Canadian company or a letter of appreciation from the Canada Border Services Agency.
Other documents, such as warranty or service certificates or membership contracts, if relevant to your visit.
Your business host contact details Canada.
Proof of funds to cater to your financial obligation during your stay in Canada.

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