Canada Visa Lottery Application



Canada Visa Lottery Application

There is a lot of information on the internet about the application for a Canadian Visa Lottery. This is clearly misinformation as there are several warnings issued to people interested in emigrating to Canada that such information is false.

The Canadian government does not offer any visa lottery-style immigration programs. Prospective immigrants from countries like Ghana and Nigeria are easy targets for these scammers. The Canadian immigration program is designed to attract top skills from all over the world, as an economic immigrant, you can emigrate to Canada through the following immigration pathways:

– Federal Government Programs

– Government programs of the 10 provinces and three territories.

No other organization is empowered to carry out immigration programs in Canada.

However, in some of the fake visa lottery advert, applicants will be lured to submit their personal documentation and lose a huge amount of money to these scammers..

Prospective immigrants are strongly advised to be extra vigilant and avoid giving personal information through these websites. To stay updated with the Canadian immigration system and new policy, applicants are advised to consult the official Canada immigration website.

Canada Visa lottery
There is no visa lottery in Canada as erroneously thought by some people, there are lots of immigration pathways to immigrate to Canada as an economic, however, you must satisfy all eligibility requirements before you begin your application. It is important to note that for any other information on how to avoid immigration fraud, visit the official websites of the Canadian Government or one of the provinces and/or territories.

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By visiting the Federal Government website, you will get a stern warning about avoiding some offers that probably sound too good to be true “if any offer sounds too good, be careful it could be a hoax”, so you must employ vigilance.

Unsuspecting victims who have fallen for the antics of these scammers suffer the consequences of being a victim of the following fraud cases:

– Identity Theft

– Fraud

– Scams

– Money theft

– Computer hacking.

In addition, the Canadian Government also explains that only immigration officials in Canada or Canadian embassies, high commissioners, and consulates can have the power to grant any immigration documentation or visa to the country.

This should be enough proof for prospective immigrants to know when an offer is genuine or not. These scammers rely on the ignorance of most of the victims and promise to get them a visa, while in fact, they have no such power as granting a visa to a foreigner.

On the other hand, it is also clarified that immigration officials or any other government employee of the Canadian State will never request “bank transfers to personal accounts or special offers to people interested in emigrating.”

This is another important fact all prospective immigrants must be aware of, and this is an exploitative avenue used by the scammers. The Canadian immigration online application is simple enough and user-friendly, it is most recommended that applicants visit the official website and find out the main requirements and processing fees, and all monies must be paid to recognized government account.

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