How To Apply For Canada Student Visa



How To Apply For Canada Student Visa


Do you wish to study in Canada but you are unsure of what to do? This article will explain everything you need to know about the student visa for Canada.

The first thing you should know is that a “student visa” is also known as a student permit, but it is not to be considered a visa in itself. In addition to obtaining the student permit, you must combine it with a Visitor visa or eTA .

Do I need to apply for the Study Visa?

It will only be necessary for you to apply for a student permit if your intention is to do a course of more than six months in Canada and they will give it to you if the institution where you are going to study is a designated learning institutions. Designated institutions are accredited learning institutions approved by the government to accept foreign students.

How to apply for a Canadian student visa, in five (5) simple steps

If your destination is Canada , we have described for you the steps to follow to obtain a visa to study if you are accepted to a study program for more than 6 months. Next, what you must do in each of the steps (requirements to apply for the visa) .

1. Prepare in a folder or envelope, the following required documents:

Proof of funds: It is the amount of money you must have to proof to the immigration authorities that you can cater to your financial obligations during your study trip. The amount of money you must have depends on the length of your program.

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Personal documents:
Cover letter containing the full name, profession and plans of the applicant (the reason why you want to study in Canada and the program for which you have been accepted, your educational goals)
Valid passport
Original receipt of payment of the visa and biometrics
Photocopy of the biometric data page of the passport
Photocopy of the last degree obtained and degree certificate

2. Fill out the visa form with the advice of the Global Visa Central.

You are required to provide the following:

Form to be approved by the VFS
IMM 1294 student visa application form
Applicants above 18 years must fill out the family information form IMM 5707
Acceptance letter from the Canadian educational institute.
If your course is in a city in the province of Quebec (in Montreal for example), you must apply online for the CAQ certificate, it is a requirement for the visa application. This process can take between 4 and 6 weeks.

3. Perform the document review with the guide of the Checklist, format IMM 5483

4. Present yourself to the VFS to file the application

This is going to the Visa and Passport Application Processing Service to deliver the application in an envelope provided by VFS, for processing. The payment for the visa processing can be made through a credit or debit card.

Visa costs: $ 150CAD Biometrics
cost: $ 85CAD

Processing time: 1 month

For Quebec: $ 111CAD
Processing time: 2 months

5. Receive the passport with the visa directly at your home

As an option, an applicant can agree to have the envelope delivered by courier for an additional cost.

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