Job Opportunities For Young Professionals In Canada



Job Opportunities For Young Professionals In Canada

Canada is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world. Large provinces such as Vancouver and Montreal are located on the southern coasts in the west and east of the country, and the center of the country is dominated by agriculture, while the north of the country is replete with endless forests and freezing winters.

The major Canadian cities not only attract immigrants from the rural regions but also immigrants from all over the world.

Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are among the most livable Canadian cities in the world.

Most travelers visit Canada not only because of the beautiful cities but also the idyllic nature, and beautiful coasts along with the Pacific and Atlantic, islands, pristine forests, endless fields, raging rivers, mountains, lakes, wild animals, and attractive ski areas that attract millions of tourists every year and make the country an exciting travel destination all year round.

The country has a lot to offer in terms of culture and landscape, and thanks to the various visa options, a longer stay in Canada is a possibility. It is pertinent to plan everything thoroughly and to think from the beginning how your time in Canada would be spent.

Internship in Canada

Two birds can be killed with one stone during an internship abroad. The internship will polish up your résumé and do something for your professional career. At the same time, your longer stay enables you to extensively explore the country, the culture, and the people.

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You can find an internship on your own as well as through an agency. Although it is easier to get a place through an agency if you are particular about a specific company or a specific position and not just about the experience of an internship abroad, however, it is advisable to apply on your own. Depending on the company’s location, appropriate language skills are important for an internship in Canada.

During an internship, you have the opportunity to get to know a city intensively, perhaps to live in a shared apartment and make direct contacts and also connect with colleagues in the office. The internship also offers the opportunity to deepen your language skills and to get a taste of professional life. On the résumé, internships abroad always look particularly good, because the value of the internship goes beyond pure work.

A 12-month work permit can be applied for an internship abroad, but the internship must be study or training-related. It is also important to first have the confirmation for an internship and only then to apply for the visa.

Job Opportunities in Canada

Foreigners who are unable to participate in a training-relevant internship can apply for a visa for young professionals. The age limit is also 18 to 35 years and there must also be a Canadian job offer or confirmation of a position.

Working as an au pair is popular with young people and especially young girls. In contrast to the USA, Canada is not a typical au pair country, as there is no special visa for this activity so a work and travel visa must also be applied for.

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