Post Graduate Canada Work Permit



Post Graduate Work Permit

The post-graduate program is one of the favorites ways to immigrate to Canada among foreign students. If you graduated from a Canadian school, with this permit you will be able to work for up to three years after graduation. For this reason, this program often works as a transition to apply for a Canadian visa that will make you a permanent resident.

Requirements for the Post-Graduate Work Permit?

To obtain a Post Graduate Work Permit you must meet the following requirements:

Have valid temporary status or have left Canada.
You must be a graduate from a designated learning institution (DLI).
Have a transcript and an official letter from the eligible DLI confirming that you have met the requirements to complete your study program.
Have evidence of having completed an academic, vocational, or professional training program at a DLI in Canada with a minimum duration of 8 months to obtain a degree, diploma, or certificate.
During each academic session, you must have maintained full-time student status in Canada.

How to apply?

The application period for this permit in the Post Graduate Work Permit is 6 months after a policy change was carried out in February 2019.

You can apply online at the official Canadian Immigration site. To begin, you must send all the forms required by immigration along with a copy of

your complete passport (must be valid)
your study permit,
your diploma or certificate granted by the DLI and an official letter from the institution declaring the end of the course.

Open Work Permit | Programs to immigrate to Canada

An Open Work Permit is one of the programs to immigrate to Canada that gives the immigrant right to work for any employer for a specific period of time.

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The main advantage over Express Entry is that you do not need to gather too much documentation to support your application nor do you require a job offer.

There are two types of Open Work Permit :

Unrestricted – This allows the holder to work in any occupation and location in Canada.
Restricted – Only allows the holder to work in certain occupations or locations in Canada.

Which are the requirements?

To qualify for an Open Work Permit you will have to meet one of the following conditions:

Must have graduated from a Canadian university and eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit.
Be a relative of someone who applied for permanent residence.
Be the spouse or domestic partner of a skilled worker or international student.
Have temporary residence permits.
Participate in programs such as the Working Holiday.

How to apply?

You can submit your application for an Open Work Permit outside of Canada, at a port of entry, or after your arrival in the country, This is entirely dependent on the program requirements. To do this, you will have to meet one of the conditions mentioned above and show that you have the financial resources to pay your living expenses and other financial obligations while you find employment in Canada.

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