Student Jobs In Australia



Student Jobs In Australia

A very common question is among international students is “while studying in Australia what kind of work is available?”

This article will discuss the most common jobs that international students can do to earn extra income and cover the costs to support themselves in Australia.

Due to the limitation of the student visa to legally work 20 hours of work a week, the 7 most frequent jobs of students in Australia are:

The advantage is that you do not need advanced English to clean and it is usually very well paid (between $ 20 and $ 25 Australian dollars an hour). If you are lucky, you will work in an office building, hotels, school, or university where the work is quite bearable.

In this sector, there are students who set it up on their own and put ads on Gumtree or other search engines to work in private homes. There is a fair amount of demand, but it is usually quite hard work.

There are also bond cleaners, those who have to leave the rented properties untouched so that the tenant can return the deposit that they deposited on the day.

Removalist (removals)
A job that is possible to get even without any experience. You can work in pairs and usually start as offsiders helping the driver to move the junk from the house to the new address. It is convenient to be strong and physically prepared to endure the long days at a very high rate of effort.

Some moving companies also transport furniture from stores to its buyer, which is much more bearable. Salaries in this sector are between $ 18 – $ 20 Australian dollars per hour.

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Hospitality (hospitality-restaurants)
In this sector, waiters and kitchen assistants usually have similar salaries. Waiters will take care of taking orders and ensure that customers are taken care of. You also have the option of working as a barista and serving hot drinks. In large places, they sometimes hire the well-known runners, who only take care of bringing dishes from the kitchen to the table, without taking notes or interacting too much with customers.

Lately, a lot of people are being hired through catering companies that have their staff on staff and move them for the events that are emerging such as concerts, weddings, football matches… Salaries are around $ 17 – $ 22 Australian dollars per hour.

Deliveries (errands)
With an international license, you can drive cars and vehicles of up to 3.5 tons, enough to be hired as delivery men with both cars and vans. The salary is around $ 20 AUD and if the job is at night it goes up to around $ 25 AUD.

It is also fashionable to work as a bicycle deliveryman thanks to modern food delivery companies like Deliveroo.

Another company students can find work is Uber Eats. Like Deliveroo, it is a food ordering and delivery platform. The best thing about working in these types of jobs is that you are your own boss and therefore you can do the hours you want.

A very flexible job in which you set your schedules. And to pedal

Flyer delivery man
It is the backpacker’s work par excellence. The salary is tied to the number of brochures that you are able to distribute, which normally must be very high for the salary to be worth it. Another variant is to distribute free newspapers, which is very widespread here in Australia.

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