Study in Canada: Top-Ranked Institutions In Canada



Study in Canada: Top-Ranked Institutions In Canada

According to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2020, 30 Canadian universities are top-ranked among the best in the world.

Canada is renowned for its research-based world-class education. With several Canadian universities in the top 200 global university rankings, Canada has cemented its reputation as a leader in the education sector.

Compared with the UK and the US, Canada provides simpler application procedures, cheaper study options and more opportunities for permanent residency process.

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada reported a bump in international student enrollment in 2018 to 16%, a 154% increment from 2010 to 2018.

The University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto; Canada’s top two universities have a global reputation for producing high-quality research and academic work.

Canadian educational atmosphere is cosmopolitan, hence the easy assimilation of international students. According to a recent survey by the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s International Student Survey, over 90% of international students have maintained satisfaction and would recommend Canada as the perfect destination for international studies.

The Top 5 Canadian Universities

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto much like prestigious universities in the UK is structured as a collegiate system. The University of Toronto originally under the control of the Church of England was the first university founded in the colony of “Upper Canada”.

The University of Toronto is reputed to be the first university in Canada to reach an endowment of the monetary value of C$1 billion, the first academic publishing house in Canada, and the Canadian first forest science, faculty.

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Many renowned influential academic movements first began at the University of Toronto, such as the NP-completeness theory in computer science, and stem cell treatment research, and the Toronto School of literary criticism and communication theory.

The University of Toronto offers more than 200 post-graduate and over 700 undergraduate degrees offered and is also considered one of the best university to study medicine.

Some notable recognized alumni of the University of Toronto include writers Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood, five Canadian prime ministers and a total of 10 Nobel laureates.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is regarded as one of the most competitive academic institutions in the country.

The University of British Columbia boasts of two campuses located in Kelowna and Vancouver.

The University of British Columbia is home to the national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and the world’s largest cyclotron.

The university awards several scholarships such as the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award.

Some notable alumni of the University of British Columbia include; the Current Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and three Canadian prime ministers.

The university has 12 faculties on Vancouver campus and the Kelowna campus, 7 faculties.

McGill University

McGill University founded in 1821, is the only university in Canada represented in the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum with members from the world’s top academic institutions.

McGill University is renowned for its contribution to the advancement of medical studies.

With more than 300 degrees subject offered to over 30,000 international students, McGill University is also known as one of the most diverse academic institutions in Canada.

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Some it’s notable alumni include the famous songwriter-singer Leonard Cohen and actor William Shatner.

McMaster University

McMaster University named after a prominent banker and Canadian Senator who donated over $900,000 to the institution.

Located in a 121 hectares of land in Hamilton, Ontario.

McMaster University is renowned for its giant strides in medicine and also faculties of humanities, business, social sciences, and engineering.

Some of its notable contributions include research from the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute.

McMaster University participates in 70 international exchange agreements between universities globally.

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is the second-largest Canadian university with more than 37,000 enrolled students.

Located on the slopes of Mount Royal, undergraduate students make up 74% of enrolled students with 3 affiliated sororities and fraternities.

Some of the notable alumni include many global business leaders such as Louis R. Chenevert, the Chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation, 10 premiers of Quebec and former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

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