Tips To Look For Work in Australia



Tips To Look For Work in Australia

Living in Sydney and planning for a great Australian adventure is what matters most.
In Sydney, there are several ways to look for work, and each has its good points. Let’s discuss them one by one.


The internet offers several platforms to look for work in Australia. You can filter job searches that interest you by cities, and some of these job search platforms are Gumtree, Seek, or Jobsearch. Take a look at them and create job alerts tailored to your interest and profile so that each time an opportunity that interests you arise, you get an email.


This is quite similar to the famous ETTs (Temporary Employment Agencies), they can be paid or free. You should consider the following agencies for recruitment: Go Workout, the Job Shop, or MLKA Recruitment.

Classified ads

This is a traditional method of finding jobs as Australian employers post job vacancies, and there is still a lot of supply and demand. Classified ad pages, in both digital and paper newspapers, are still a very good option for finding work in Australia.

Face to face

One classic that never fails is to look for work at a cold door. If you find out that a site is looking for workers like you, either because someone tells you about it because you see the offer on a sign hanging on the door or because you have seen the offer on a website, you can always stop by to make inquiries and possibly leave your CV.

Tips for working in Sydney

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Create an Aussie-style resume. Create your resume in the traditional style acceptable in the country. The Australian resume style is quite different from what is obtainable in other countries like Spain, Canada, or Germany. Adding details like your country of origin, and placing your photo, marital status or age is irrelevant.

Take job hunting like a job. Talk to friends, acquaintances, ask people if they know of any job opening, everyday look at the job websites, sign up for all available offers and craft your CV to suit the feedback you received, and above all do not forget to prepare for each interview ahead of time.

Where you live is also important. Sydney is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the world, so if you on a budget, it is advisable to live in the suburbs at least in the beginning, although it is also true that it will take longer to get to your work if it is in the center.

It is advisable to look for work close to where you live, and if it is in the center of the city, try to find a room in the area, although it will not be easy to find one. A central room in Sydney can cost you about AUD 500 per week.

Ensure you calculate what each option would cost you by adding the cost of the room, the daily transport, and the time it takes to get to work and assess the most favorable option.

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