Top Countries In The World You can Migrate To and Get a Good Job



Top Countries In The World You can Migrate To and Get a Good Job

Moving to a new country comes with its challenges and peculiar uncertainties, such as getting a good job, and easy assimilation, although, landing a  job in a new country is a major consideration for all immigrants.

Most countries in the world have introduced strict immigration policy but this article will highlight the top countries in the world where immigrants can easily assimilate and land a good job.

These countries have a lot in common aside from friendly immigration policy, and the common traits include good accommodation, the security of lives and properties, a booming economy, and freedom.

The following countries according to the latest surveys are ranked as the best countries for immigrants to live and work.


This may come as a shocker for most people, but ‘yes’ Sweden according to the latest surveys ranked above Canada as a favourite destination for immigrants seeking a quality lifestyle.

Diversity, a booming economy, breathtaking and sublime environment are part of the endearing factors of Sweden.

Immigrants in Sweden make up 10% of the populations and the booming economy strongly supported by economic immigrants makes Sweden one of the immigrant-friendly countries in the world.


Canada is the second-largest country in the world and one of the friendliest and accommodating nations for immigrants. Rated by UN as one the best countries for immigrants to live and work.

Canada is a major hub for education, business, and tourism.

Canada’s educational system is famed for its quality and researched-based model. The high employability rate after graduation and the diverse atmosphere is an endearing factor for international students.

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Canada over the years has recorded a low crime rate, violence and high standard of living, thus making it a destination favorite for immigrants.


Australia, also known as the ‘land of OZ’ is a prosperous and rich nation. Australia is a diverse country, with lots of lush green parks, World Heritage Sites, breathtaking and idyllic environment, and home to over 23 million friendly inhabitants.

With the presence of international organizations and major corporations, Australia’s economy is experiencing a healthy and steady growth which presents huge prospects for employment.

Australia is one of the safest countries to live and work due to a low crime and violence rate, making it a major destination for immigrants.

The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a conglomerate of seven oil-rich states that has grown over the years to one of the most important economic powerhouses in the Middle-East.

The diversity in the UAE has made the country a destination for trading and tourism.

Oil, trading, and tourism has ensured the economy enjoys a healthy and steady growth which offers a lot of prospects for employment.

The United Arab Emirates is a tax-free country with low violence, and crime rates, thus making the country a haven for immigrants.


Norway is a pollution-free and immigrant-friendly country, with a population of over 5 million inhabitants, with a recorded very low crime rate, Norway is ranked as one of the best countries to live and work according to the United Nations Human Development Report.

The latest rankings are based on several factors such as life expectancy, cultural rights, and human rights, education and income.

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