USA Student Visa Application



USA Student Visa Application


The United States Of America is arguably a global destination for international students who seek quality and research-based education.

Over 362,896 international students were issued F-1 visas making the number of students in the United States on F and M visas to be 1,169,564.

Getting a US study visa can be an arduous process, however, armed with the right information the long process could be simplified.

Before a foreign student is allowed to study in the United States, he/she must first obtain a study visa which can guarantee their stay in the US throughout their study period.

Applying for a US student visa entails several steps, it is pertinent to consult the official website of the embassy or consulate you are applying from to be apprised of any updates.

The following steps are necessary for obtaining a US study visa.

Apply To A SEVP Recognized Institution (Student and Exchange Visitor Program)
International students are advised to choose an institution of learning and a course that is accredited by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. This is to ensure your degree obtained at the end of your study is recognized by professional associations, government ministries, and employers.

Only institutions approved by SEVP can provide you with the necessary documents for a US student visa application.

Once your application is accepted by your preferred institution and you qualify for an F or M visa you will be sent a Form 1-20 or the Form DS-2019 for J visas.

Pay the SEVIS Fee (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)
This is a compulsory requirement during your US study visa application and the fees must be paid three days before submitting your US study visa application.

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The fees for the F and M visa category are $200 while the J visa is $180. The payment could be done through credit or debit cards, Western Union.

After paying the required fees, you will be issued a payment confirmation from the website. This will be required during your visa interview.

Complete The Us Student Visa Application
You must complete the DS-160 form online by providing detailed and accurate information. The following documents/information is required during your DS-160 application.

Address and phone
Name and Date of birth
Point of contact in the US
Educational details
Medical report
Security report
Recent passport photograph

Ensure you answer every question truthfully as misrepresentation is a serious offense and carries heavy penalty.

Pay The Visa Fee
After completing the visa application, you are required to make a non-refundable visa application fee. Ensure to obtain a receipt of payment, as you will be asked for it during the visa interview.

Schedule A Visa Interview
And lastly, the scheduling a visa interview is the final step for obtaining a US study visa. You can schedule a convenient date either online or calling the local US embassy or consulate.

The following documents are required during the visa interview.

Valid passport
2 recent passport photographs
Signed SEVIS form1-20 or the DS-2019
SEVIS fee receipt
DS-160 application ID number with barcode and confirmation page
MRV fee payment receipt
Copy of visa interview appointment letter

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