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Canada Permanent Residency

It is currently estimated that more than 20% of the Canadian population are born abroad. This is a testament to the strong government and citizen support and the friendly immigration policies that are strengthened every day in Canada.

Why live in Canada?

One of the positive points that have endeared thousands of immigrants to Canada over the years is having laws focused on social welfare. This approach is widely reflected in the quality of life, social security, and quality of education. This gives a general idea of ​​how important the development of its population and its stability over time.

It must be borne in mind that these social benefits are not only for Canadian citizens but also for all foreigners who are granted permanent resident status.

Immigrating to Canada is a process that requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail. It simply requires satisfying the eligibility criteria and the submission of some documents that demonstrate your personal and professional performance, as this will determine their level of economic contribution to the Canadian economy.

Living in Canada can offer you personal and professional progress that can contribute immensely to your future success.

Similarly, Canada is characterized by maintaining favorable living standards, prioritizing education, safety, health, and work. This goes hand in hand with their openness to multiculturalism, which facilitates respect and acceptance of different traditions, ideologies, and beliefs.

Diversity is one of the country’s most remarkable attribute and therefore the cultural background of each one of the immigrants is valued in the communities that host them.

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Permanent Residence in Canada

Characteristics of Permanent Residence in Canada:

Being a Permanent Resident grants you the opportunity to live, work and study anywhere in Canada. Similarly, this type of visa is aimed at economic immigrants who wish to settle in the country and integrate into Canadian society, customs, and ways of life.

Keep in mind that being a resident is an immigration status that allows you to share most of the benefits and rights of Canadian citizens.

As a Permanent resident, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Therefore, to qualify as a skilled worker, you must satisfy the following requirements:

Be between 22 and 35 years old (or older).

Be a qualified professional.

Proficiency in either English or French.

Have relatable full-time work experience.

Intend to live and settle in Canada.

The Permanent Resident enjoys a multitude of rights and benefits as a Canadian citizen, except for the following:

A permanent resident cannot vote, or be elected.

A permanent resident cannot hold certain national security positions.

Residency can be revoked if a crime is committed or if you do not stay within the country for a minimum of 2 years out of every 5 years.

The resident does not receive a Canadian passport, but a Permanent Residence Card.

Benefits of a Canadian Permanent Resident:

The permanent residence visa has certain advantages over other types of visa. For example:

You can enter or leave the country whenever you like and as many times as you want (staying a minimum of 2 years over a period of 5).

You have the option to settle in any province (depending on the program of your choice).

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permanent residents are covered by the health insurance of the province in which you live.

Permanent residents are eligible to access college and graduate education at affordable prices.

Permanent residents are eligible to apply for educational loans or scholarships.

Once you turn 65, you can access the Old Age Insurance Fund, in which the government offers the financial resources necessary to live.

Permanent residents can apply to acquire citizenship.

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